Medical Program for Peace Residents

Monthly checkup
Monthly medical checkup of all the residents are carried out by a general physician. The cost is included in the monthly service fee. The cost of any blood or pathological or other diagnostic test (such as X-ray, ECG etc) is extra.
The residents must bring all existing medical records when the resident starts living in PEACE. If the doctor while checking the resident for the first time recommends any blood or pathological or other diagnostic test (such as X-ray, ECG etc) during the first checkup, then these tests are carried out. The costs of the tests are extra. A medical folder is prepared with both the history of the resident and any new records as provided by the general physician including the additional tests that may be required. PEACE Staff (registered nurse) maintains the medical folder of each resident. This medical folder is maintained at the PEACE facility and will be available for review by the resident or authorized representative (i.e. children) from the registered nurse only.
The costs of medicine are extra. PEACE provides the service to procure medicines for the residents. PEACE staff maintains and monitors the medication of the residents under the leadership of the registered nurse.

Emergency Medical Service
PEACE manages the emergency medical condition in two steps.
First step: We contact our General Physician and explain the medical condition of the resident. The Doctor advises over phone and if necessary, The doctor visits the resident for check up and treatment. If necessary, additional tests may be carried upon the recommendation of the doctor’s diagnosis. The costs of these activities are extra. If the Doctor decides to transfer to a Hospital Emergency then we follow the second step.
Second step: PEACE maintains its own Ambulance in the premises. As per Doctor’s advice PEACE will move the resident to a nursing home or Hospital as quickly as possible. We take our residents to “Hindusthan Health Point” OR “Remedy”. Both these two hospitals are equipped with ICU and CCU facilities and are located in Garia which is in close proximity of PEACE (About 15 – 20 minutes)
It is the responsibility of the resident and his or her family to take decisions regarding the treatment. As soon as we move the resident to one of these two hospitals we inform the relative and/or contact person. The resident and/or their legal delegate decide where to continue the treatment and will transfer to any hospital of their choice, if needed.
PEACE makes initial payment for admission to the hospital. The amount of initial payment and other expenses (ambulance, medicine etc) is included in the monthly invoice. The residents or their relatives are requested to arrange the payments to the hospital directly. The resident is requested to provide PEACE with a written request if the resident wants to be transferred to a specialty hospital of choice (The name of the hospital to be specified).

Medical Support to PEACE Residents (PEACE exercises this support when needed)
A Medical Tie Up has been established between “PEACE” and “BANCHBO Healing Touch”. This tie up provides PEACE and BANCHBO to work together and also provide Peace Residents an affordable solution of preventive and emergency healthcare.
“BANCHBO healing touch”- is a project of Banchbo Socio-cultural Association – registered under the societies registration act XXXVI of 1961, W.B vide registration number S/87769. BANCHBO is managed by voluntary governing body consisting of well-placed members of society including renowned physicians.

Cost of Medicines:
The cost of medicines for PEACE residents is extra. The PEACE will provide services for arranging these medicines.
“Banchbo” empaneled Doctors are available to PEACE Residents and could be consulted as Speialists