About Us

The Peace's Founder

Dr. Dipankar Datta retired in 2006 with 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical industries both in India and the USA. Currently he is President of “Datta Consulting Services, Inc.”. He founded a Cancer Awareness Organization along with his wife, Kalpana Datta, called the “Kalpana Datta Foundation for Cancer Care” with a focus to serve underprivileged communities. Dr. Datta founded “The Peace”, with a mission to build a senior living or Old Age Home in a natural environment with modern amenities near Kolkata, India.


While making several trips to Kolkata during last 10 years, Dr. Dipankar Datta realized that several elderly people were very lonely. His feeling that their life was neither interesting nor exciting prompted him to develop “The Peace”.


To create an environment where elderly people can live together, express themselves and communicate with each other in the midst of similar minded citizens and to see smiles in their faces.