Peace Senior Living or Old Age Home provides a natural environment with modern amenities. This old age home is built on the concept of Independent Living to Assisted Living. The facility is built for wheel chair access throughout the building and garden area.
The Old Age Home is a three story building with an adjoining well-manicured lawn and a garden with pond. The facility includes a well maintained Temple overlooking the building. Each floor is about 11000 Sqft area with a spacious central lobby and corridors. The total area of the campus is about 65000 Sqft. The campus also includes Generator Room, Transformer Room, Waste Water Treatment Plant and Car Porch area for Car parking area. There is an in-house Nursery for the Gardeners.


There are 4 types of Single rooms:
• About 553 sqft Type A – Front View
• About 424 sqft Type B – Rear View
• About 377 sqft Type CI – Front View
• About 377 sqft Type CII – Rear View

Each suite has both an attached balcony and a private bathroom.

The building has 83 rooms and each of the rooms is fitted with the following.
• 1 single/double bed
• 1 sofa with a tea table
• 1 writing desk with chair
• 2 ceiling fans
• 1 wall Almira with one side mirror
• 2 plastic chairs in the balcony
• Each room is equipped with Power outlet for Optional A/C, Small refrigerator or other electrical gadget, Television, Submeter for optional items.
• Each room is equipped with Telephone and cable network. The telephone and Television set is the responsibility of the boarder.

Key Amenities

1. Facility Amenities include:
• 24 hour elevator
• 24 hour security throughout building
• Backup generator power supply
• Well lighted and ventilated
• Community dining rooms
• Common Television and relax area

2. Food (An example of Monthly menu for reference)
• Morning Tea with biscuit – @6.30 AM
• Breakfast - @8.30 AM
• Morning Seasonal Fruit - @10.30AM
• Lunch - @12.30PM
• Afternoon Tea with biscuit - @4.30PM
• Afternoon Snacks - @6.30PM
• Dinner - @8.30PM

3. Fitness
• Weekly Yoga exercise
• Boarders are encouraged for walking in the garden outside or inside corridor

4. Indoor Games
• Card Games
• Carom
• Chess

5. Electricity
• Electricity is supplied free for common area, each room with two tube lights, one night light, two fans, one toilet light, one instant geyser, one balcony light and one TV Plug point.
• Backup power supply with generator is maintained (12 midnight to 5AM – because of noise restriction from neighborhood)
• During generator operation only one fan and light will be operational
• Electricity charges for Air conditioner or any other gadgets plugged would be charged extra via Sub meter reading.

6. Washing
• Personal washing is arranged at an extra cost

7. Cleaning
• Each room and toilet is cleaned every day.
• The common area also cleaned regularly and maintained

8. Entertainment
• Entertainment program or activities are arranged on a regular basis
• Boarders participate in a musical program and this program is arranged once in every month.
• Boarders participate in different pujas like Biswakarma Puja, Saraswati Puja and Lord Siva Puja.
• Boarders participate in 15th August and 26th January celebrations
• Boarders participate in fire works in celebrating Dewali.
• Swamiji from Ramkrishna Mission Asram of Narendrapur visits PEACE facility on a regular basis (about once a month) and delivers some religious discourses.

9. Telephone
Intercom through telephone is available in every room. Outgoing calls are charged extra.

10. Library / Newspaper
1. A library is available on third floor lounge area for boarders to enjoy
2. Newspapers are available (English and Bengali language) in the Ground/First floor Lobby or reception area.
3. A Television is available in the Lobby area for boarders to view.

11. Services on Request (At an extra cost)
1. Car on Hire
2. Site visits
3. Outdoor work relate job

12. Assisted Living (At an extra cost)
• The assisted living is provided to those seniors who need help with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), such as bathing, dressing, walking, eating and monitoring medications.
• Assisted living provides a balance of residential living, health and recreational services, and assistance in day-to-day living activities.
• The Peace will offer residents many of the benefits as Independent Living, while providing basic and customized help in areas that may become personally challenging.

Peace Layout